Monday, August 25, 2008

Weeds Season 4 Episode 11 - Head Cheese

Weeds Season 4 Episode 11
Nancy must deal with the aftermath of Shane's exploits with his two new "friends". At 13 years old, Shane has entered a world Nancy is not ready to accept. She is still suffering from side effects from last week's "Ayuasca trip", that helped her calm her migraine headache. And to top it all off, she has another confrontation with Guillermo over what's coming and going through the tunnel.

Celia's struggles with her rehab partner, Barry, who has managed to sneak some "blow" into the rehab center. After the administration learns Celia used a phoney insurance policy to gain admittance to the facility, she is forced to move to a new rehab center.Doug and Maria's relationship quickly goes south and they both turn to Andy for help. Doug - being a "typical" man - expects immediate sex from Maria, while Maria has fantasies of Doug "wooing" her.Meanwhile, Silas's "cheese sandwich" business has grown too big, forcing him to turn to Nancy for financial backing. The "head cheese" sandwich has become a big seller in Ren Mar.


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