Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Biggest Loser Season 1 Winner Is Ryan Benson

Biggest Loser Season 1 Winner Is Ryan Benson
On tonight's episode of NBC' The Biggest Loser: Families two of the four players will fall below the yellow line and you, America, will be voting on who will be the third finalist in the season finale of The Biggest Loser: Families which will be broadcast LIVE next Tuesday evening.

The show opens with a recap of Renee's elimination. Michelle tells us she is glad she has gone through the whole process and will be there another week, but she has realized she is all alone and will miss her mom. She says she is not a person who likes to be alone. We watch as Heba, Ed and Vicky jump on the bed celebrating making the final four. Heba says she can't wait for her family to see that they made it to the final four. Ed says he is glad he had Heba and Vicky on his side to save his a**.

The next morning, Jillian arrives with a hug for Michelle. Michelle tells Jillian that she feels all alone. Jillian tells her she is not alone, her mom is with her. Jillian tells her if she can move into that unknown space she will be open to an infinity of possibility. Jillian tells us that Michelle is going to have to do this for herself because she will be alone a lot this week.

Bob meets with his team. Bob says he knows they love the game, but this week they will play it his way. Bob tells them about Ryan on Season 1 who played the game and won, but now weighs the same as he did when he first arrived on the show because he didn't learn anything. He then asks them what they have learned. Vicky says she has learned about nutrition and working out, but she has not learned anything about herself and hasn't found out why she ate the way she did and doesn't feel like she has fixed that. Bob tells her he is worried because she thinks so much about the game. Vicky asks him why he thinks she will fail. He tells her he is worried because she has been thinking so much game and doesn't know how she will react when she home with the normal stresses everyday. He tells us that by her not learning anything about herself throws up a big red flag for him.

The winner of the Biggest Loser Season 1 is no less than Ryan Benson. But the question is, where is he now? I mean, if you happened to see him at the start of the season, and you were able to see him now, you also might be wondering, where is Ryan now? Indeed, this type of reality shows serve as a healthy reminder to anyone out there who are loosing hope to loose heavy fats on their bodies.Again, the Biggest Loser winner shows that it’s really possible. It’s just a matter of discipline and following instructions strictly.


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