Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dakota Culkin : Sister of Macaulay Culkin Dies In Car Crash

Dakota Culkin : Sister of Macaulay Culkin Dies
Dakota Culkin, Macaulay Culkin’s sister sadly died yesterday as a result from injuries she sustained after being hit by a car.Dakota Culkin the older sister of Macaulay Culkin, was hit by a car Tuesday and died as a result from the injuries.TMZ has obtained an official statement from Macaulay’s rep.“We can officially confirm that the victim is Dakota Culkin. This is a terrible tragic accident. We have no further comment at this time.”

We don’t know much about Dakota, except that she was born in 1979 making her 29 years old, one year older than Macaulay. According to reports, Dakota was walking on the west side of Los Angeles on Tuesday when she stepped off a curb, in front of a moving vehicle and was struck by a car.According to the LAPD, the driver of the car stopped and tried to help Culkin. He also identified himself to law enforcement, where detectives determined he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that no crime was committed.

She was taken to the UCLA Medical Center with massive head trauma, and died the following day as a result of her injuries.She is survived by her celebrity brother, Macaulay, and their four brothers: Shane, Kieran Christian and Rory, sister Quinn and their parents.So tragic, especially around the holidays. Our deepest condolences.


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