Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Exclusive Beyonce Diva Video

Exclusive Beyonce Diva Video

After two highly successful albums, the former lead singer of Destiny's Child and R&B's favorite diva Beyoncé recently released her third album "I Am…Sasha Fierce." While her latest installment is actually a double album displaying two different personalities of the Queen B, it does not seem to measure up to her two previous works.

"I Am…Sasha Fierce" has a split personality, for lack of a better term. The "I Am" portion of the album set displays a softer side of Beyoncé while she makes a complete 180-degree turn and reveals her alter ego in "Sasha Fierce" in the second portion.In an October article from Reuters, Beyoncé said that she created her new alter ego to protect her from who she really is. She goes on to say that Sasha Fierce is a more aggressive and glamorous side of her mixed in with sensuality that comes out when she's performing on stage.

Most of the songs from "I Am" have a down tempo acoustic pace to it like Beyoncé's first hit single "If I Were A Boy," which follows the footsteps of "Irreplaceable" from her second album "B'Day." "Halo" provides a more melodramatic sound that you would not normally hear from Beyoncé. She also displays her wide range through her singing ability that never fails to impress. "Ave Maria" is more of a creative gentle drum track that resembles the original melody Ave Maria, one of the many instances where Beyoncé would go the distance by trying to do so much in one song, which sometimes works against her.

Overall, "I Am" unveils a rather vulnerable version of Beyoncé with tracks that are generally slow-paced and soothing, but nothing spectacular. There aren't too many catchy choruses and you may find yourself skipping some of the tracks due to loss of attention span.

In "Sasha Fierce," Beyoncé brings out her fun side with hard-hitting, attitude filled tracks, some of which are memorable and some disastrous. "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" is Beyoncé's second hit single, an easy favorite for DJs to play at clubs and can get any crowd on their feet, especially the ladies. Yes this is the same song that Justin Timberlake danced to as Beyoncé's back up dancer in a leotard and heels on Saturday Night Live. This is basically Beyoncé at her best. Watch exclusive Beyonce Diva Video here.


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