Thursday, December 11, 2008

Khloe Kardashian Gets Naked For PETA

Khloe Kardashian Gets Naked For PETA
When it comes to naked Kardashians, most men tend to immediately think of Kim, but it seems the youngest sister, Khloe , wants to be known for her sex appeal too.The 24-year-old is the latest starlet to "Get Naked" for a PETA campaign in an effort to raise awareness about cruelty to animals.With her proud family standing by, Ms. Kardashian unveiled her billboard "Fur? I’d Rather Go Naked" in Los Angeles on Wednesday.Then she let this bomb drop."Everyone in the family wears fur except me," she told the gathered crowd.

Um, maybe PETA should have written her speech? Or at least looked at it?'Hills' Star Upset About Being Jen Aniston's Neighbor.Most people would be pretty pumped to be Jennifer Aniston’s neighbor, but for "The Hills" star Frankie Delgado, living on the same Hollywood Hills street as the "Marley & Me" starlet is more trouble than it is titillating.

"To get to my house every day I literally have to sit in so much traffic, it totally sucks to get to my own home," Delgado told Tarts while promoting his new MTV reality series "Bromance" alongside star Brody Jenner and Sleazy T. "They (the paparazzi) are creeping outside my house all the time. I know they’re there for Jen not me, but I just don’t feel comfortable."

But sneaky snappers aside, what’s it really like to be Aniston’s neighbor?"She comes over and asks for sugar and stuff so I give her some sugar love," Delgado responded with a smile. Right, keep dreaming.Speaking of the paps, Brody gets great satisfaction from messing with their minds.

"We come up with different ways we can f—with these guys. They think we’re being serious when we do dumb things but we go online and laugh," the "Bromance" star said. "The paparazzi have made Hollywood into a place that’s so negative and most celebs are afraid to go out because everything is oversaturated with gossip."Jenner’s upcoming show takes a group of regular guys from around the country and brings them to Hollywood to have a "Bromance" with Brody as he searches for a best friend. But unlike "The Hills" girls, Jenner is looking for a "real" friendship.


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