Monday, December 22, 2008

Lily Allen Wardrobe Malfunction

Lily Allen Wardrobe Malfunction

In a demure and sophisticated moment for singer Lily Allen, she experienced a wardrobe malfunction and exposed her bare bum to the world.In a move that doesn’t often come naturally to Lily Allen, she was dressed very sophisticatedly in a teal dress for Matthew Freud’s Christmas party in London. However, the dress got a bit tangled and Lily showed that, despite her polished exterior, she was still a party girl underneath - she had forgotten to wear undies, and she exposed her bare bottom for all to see. In a very un-ladylike move, Lily had to pick and readjust the back of her dress in order to get back into tip top shape. You can see photos of the embarrassing moment here.

Despite the mishap, Lily was described as the “belle of the ball” as she attended the party of the PR guru. Those also in attendance were Guy Ritchie, Mick Jagger, Stella McCartney, Bono, and other A-list celebrities.


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