Sunday, December 21, 2008

Megan Hauserman Rock of Love Charm School Winner Is BRANDI M

Megan Hauserman Rock of Love Charm School Winner Is BRANDI M

A season's worth of trashy women trying to learn proper manners comes to a close with the season finale of Rock of Love Charm School. Destiney Moore, Brandi M. and Lacey Conner remain, but only one can be the Charm School champion.The final lesson is about charity. Lacey is comfortable because she comes from a wealthy family and does a lot of charity work, Meanwhile, Destiney and Brandi M. both grew up on welfare. Each girl must set up a booth to ask people on the street for charitable donations, and the highest total gets immunity.

The twist is that Sharon brings in the girls' arch-nemeses to help them, so Lacey works with Heather, Brandi M. works with Megan, and Destiney works with Brandi C. It's a recipe for disaster, mostly for the show's editors because Megan and Heather are both a light breeze away from exposing their nipples.Brandi C. wants to use her hotness for the greater good while Heather is surprisingly willing to help Lacey. Megan, however, plans to sabotage Brandi M. with a fairly detailed three-part plan. First she has people leave donated items on the ground, then she puts some of the donated items in Lacey's box, and finally she only tries to have people donate the cheapest items. I'm glad to see Rock of Love Charm School hasn't changed her at all.

In the end, Sharon Osbourne picks a winner, and the winner of Rock of Love Charm School is...BRANDI M!She wins a Charm School dilpoma and, more importantly, $100,000.There are tears and happiness, and it's a nice moment. Destiney gets a nice parting gift when judge Daniella Clark offers her an internship for her design company.


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