Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stylista Season Finale :Johanna is the Winner

hot Johanna is the winner of Stylista

Tonight's finale comes down to three aspiring Elle editors: Megan, Johanna, and Dyshaun. Every reality show must have its "I'm not here to make friends" moment, and Megan's had about a dozen, alienating almost every contestant along the way. Johanna's had her share of nastiness (she was pretty harsh with poor Danielle), but she has a pretty interesting back story — military analyst! — and clearly sees this job as her last shot at a fashion career. And then there's Dyshaun, who's just a big blank to me. Has he done anything notable in the competition? Have I just blocked it out? So I guess that all adds up to me rooting for Johanna as we roll into the final episode.

Stylista's been its most fun (and train wreck-ish) when the contestants really get to yelling at each other, so it should be interesting tonight when all of the eliminated folks return to help the finalists with their last task. Is anyone else still hanging in there with this show?

Stylista Winner:Who Won Stylista? Megan Or Johanna?Johanna is the winner of Stylista on the CW.She will get a paid editorial position at Elle magazine, a luxurious apartment in Manhattan, and a clothing allowance at H&M, all for one year, valued at $100,000.HBIC and Megan were first eliminated while DyShaun came in second.


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