Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Watch the Ball Drop In New York Live Online And on TV

Watch the Ball Drop In New York Live

You may be longing for the excitement of Times Square on New Year's Eve. If you can't make it into the city, or would rather watch the Times Square live New Year's Eve ball drop from the comfort of your home, watch it with one of these sites. Included are live cams focused on Times Square.United States of Americas the highlights of tonight's TV coverage of the New Year's Ball drop and preceding events. Here is the live cam feed and video from the New York’s Times Square webcam. Watch the ball drop as we welcome the New Year 2009.

What will happen in 2009? Will Barack Obama build 1,000 roads to Times Square as he puts New Yorkers back to work? Or will he build 1,000 roads to Illinois to give the governor an easy way out. Who knows where Obama will build roads, but roads he will build to put our nation back to work. For that is his economic plan as best we understand it. Should be a great year for the new president assuming they don’t drop the ball on his economic plan.Meanwhile, watch the streaming video of the ball drop in Times Square, New York, and hide your wallet.

Times Square Web-Cam Live!

New York Ball Drop (Video)


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