Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ashley Manning Is Furious With Peyton Manning

Ashley Manning Is wife of Peyton Manning
There is only one rule in the Manning household — no surprises. That is why Ashley Manning is furious with her husband Peyton after his recent purchase of an Iron Gym Home Fitness pull-up bar.“I came home yesterday and I go in the bedroom and it reeks of sweat,” Ashley told SSNN. “So I start to look around and I see some scuff-marks on the top of the door frame (though surprisingly few). Then I looked around a bit and I found this random pile of clothing folded all nicely. I looked underneath it and lo and behold, there is this contraption that I guess Peyton bought yesterday.”

Ashley immediately confronted her husband about the unauthorized purchase.“I was upset,” she said. “He had a perfectly good explanation, so I calmed down pretty quickly. But I told him, I was like, ‘I wish you would have just told me in advance, you know?’”Peyton Manning was reached by SSNN late yesterday for comment and explained his purchase.

“I am really getting into pullups recently,” Peyton said. “They have always been sort of an albatross for me, sort of kryptonite, my Achilles heel, that sort of thing. But it’s hard to find a place to go and do them, you know. I don’t always want to drive to the stadium to do pullups. I have been going to a local park and doing them on the jungle gym, but that’s hard too. So when I saw this ad for the doorway pullup bar, I knew I had to have it.”

Manning said that a big motivator is that he’s never really been able to do pullups. Eli has always crushed me. Even Coop (older brother Cooper Manning) owns me in pullups. So I figure it’s finally time to do something about it.”Peyton indicated that he’s been self-conscious about his pullups problem since elementary school.


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