Monday, January 5, 2009

The Bachelor 13: Jason Mesnick is The Bachelor

The Bachelor 13: Jason Mesnick is The Bachelor
On tonight’s 2 hour premiere of the ABC’s hit reality romance show The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick will be in the driver seat. After being rejected on last season’s Bachelorette finale, Jason Mesnick says his heart has healed and he is ready to find the woman of his dreams. Jason will meet the 25 beautiful bachelorettes for the first time tonight, but no one expects the surprise twist that will force the women to turn on eachother!

First, we are shown a glimpse of Jason Mesnick’s life in Seattle with his son Ty. He talks about the end of his seven year marriage and how it wasn’t his choice to get a divorce. Jason says his heart is completely healed after being rejected by Deanna Pappas on last season’s Bachelorette and he is ready to find love!

Jason Mesnick brings his brother and son Ty along with him to LA. The viewers get a sneak peek of the 25 bachelorettes and you can check out the complete list of ladies here. Jason gets ready to meet the ladies and says it will be a bittersweet experience for him. He thinks that having already been through this experience, he is better prepared to find the right one. Jason says this is the most exciting night of his life other than the birth of his child. When Jason arrives, Chris Harrison asks him if his memories here were good or bad and Jason says, “great.” They talk for a bit and Jason discusses how he has been able to move on and how Ty is his number one priority.When the first limo rolls up, Lauren is the first one out and she tells Jason it is actually her birthday and makes him guess how old she is. The next lady out is Kari who starts to talk a little too much. Then Melissa, the former cowboys cheerleader makes a good impression, followed by Sharon who immediately starts to salsa dance with him.


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