Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brad Pitt Graces W Magazine Cover

Brad Pitt Graces W Magazine Cover
Brad Pitt, looking a little worse for wear, appears on the cover of the February 2009 W Magazine.Brad Pitt appears on the February 2009 cover of ‘W Magazine’. Normally when I write these stories I use terms like “graces the cover” or “lends his/her good looks to the cover,” but I don’t think either phrase is applicable to this photo shoot. Looking a little worse for wear, photographer Chuck Close captures what age, fathering six kids, and constant jet setting around the world has done to Brad’s fabulous looks. (Please don’t leave me 2038523434 comments… I’m not saying he’s horrible looking - he’s just not who he was before, and he doesn’t seem to be like the rest of Hollywood, who are all desperately trying to erase the lines he proudly? displays for W Magazine.) Close used a technique called Daguerreotype, which captures every fine line and flaw. Apparently, 45 year old Brad requested this technique, explaining that, even though he’s done the shoot where he’s been that guy coming out of the ocean with his wet t-shirt sticking to his (HOT) body, he’s “always walked away feeling a little crap about it.”

He also sat down for an interview with the magazine, and managed to defend both former wife Jennifer Aniston and current love Angelina Jolie. The story jumps right in with Jennifer Aniston and the now infamous “uncool” comment that was plastered on the cover of Vogue at the end of 2008. To this, Brad said, “Listen, Man. Jen is a sweetheart. I think she got dragged into that one, and then there’s a second round to all of that Angie versus Jen. It’s so created.”

Of their relationship now, he says he and Jen still “check in with each other,” and says they are a big part of each other’s lives.On the comments that both he and Angelina Jolie have said about falling in love on-set of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’, which prompted Jennifer Aniston’s “uncool” comment, Brad says: “We were still filming after Jen and I split up. Even then it doesn’t mean that there was some kind of dastardly affair. There wasn’t. I’m very proud of the way that it was handled. It was respectful. [The film] will mean something to our kids. It will, that’s all.”

Brad also talked about those personal photos that W Magazine ran a few months ago, where Angelina appeared on the cover breast feeding one of the new twins. He says it’s “sexy” to see a loved one through the lens, and admits he went “much further” than that cover shot, but did not share those photos with the magazine.Brad Pitt also talked about his family, which he described as “this cuckoo’s nest that we got going on over there.” He says that he was able to stop smoking because of his kids, and says that he and Angie have fun working together and feels the things they do bring them closer together.


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