Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gina Elise Is Hot Pin-Ups For Vets

Gina Elise Is Hot Pin-Ups For Vets

Gina Elise, the California woman helping military hospitals with her Pin-Ups for Vets calendar.The third annual Pin-Ups for Vets calendar featuring photos of Gina Elise is on sale now for $22 (higher donations are accepted). Profits from the sales will go to U.S. military hospitals. Of the idea, Gina says,

“About two years ago I started hearing stories of wounded soldiers that were coming back to underfunded hospitals, so I just decided that I really wanted to do something to help out. I‘ve always been a huge fan of the pin-up era, so I figured I can sort of combine my love for this era to not only use the money for the hospitals but also help boost morale with the calendars themselves.”

Gina Elise is 26 years of age. She graduated from UCLA in 2004 and continues to reside in Los Angeles, California.Gina began Pin-Ups for Vets in 2007. So far she has raised $20,000 for military hospitals and received the 2007 California Junior Chamber of Commerce’s Outstanding Young Californian award. Elise personally visits recipients of the calendar who are staying in a VA Hospital. She says the visits are both rewarding and inspiring. You can buy the calendar for yourself or a soldier here. Gina’s 1940’s-era poses have caused people to coin her the “New Betty Grable”.Gina is also an aspiring actress. Her degree is in theater and she has landed two film roles so far. In 2001 she appeared as Rachel in “Dance” and in 2005 she appeared as Young Georgia and “Falling”.


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