Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nip Tuck Season Premiere To-Night

Nip Tuck Season Premiere To-Night

Nip/Tuck will return this evening to air the final eight episodes of its fifth season and after screening the first two hours, I can tell you that McNamara/Troy is just as you remember it: chaotic, cockamamie and cold. Or maybe, after such a long hiatus, you don't really recall the hysterical antics of the show last year. If that's the case, let me refresh your memory...

Last we saw Sean -- a celebrated TV star on the laughable soap "Hearts & Scalpels" he was reeling from the headaches of fame. Not only had his bat crap crazy former agent, Colleen Rose (Sharon Gless), perversely murdered Sean's new representative in a fit of jealousy and rage, but his daughter Annie had just suffered substantial injuries in a paparazzi-caused car accident.

As Sean settled into the operating room, preparing to administer her facial reconstruction, bat crap crazy Colleen snuck in, stabbing him from behind several times.Now, tonight's episode opens up just minutes before said stabbing, showing us how Colleen Rose creepily made her way into McNamara/Troy undetected, carried out the crime and what went down in its aftermath.


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