Monday, April 20, 2009

Julian Smith Is Britain’s Got Talent Standout Contestant

Julian Smith Britain’s Got Talent Standout Contestant
Meet Julian Smith Britain’s Got Talent latest standout contestant. See photos, video and a biography here of the 39-year-old saxophonist who delivered a performance of ‘Somewhere (There’s A Place For Us)’ from West Side Story as mesmerizing as it was virtuoso and inspiring.At the Birmingham, England audition for the ITV1 Britain’s Got Talent, the audience and judges were wowed by the powerhouse performance of the music teacher and saxophonist with a dream. It’s clear that another notable contender will compete with the now internationally renown, singing sensation, the Scottish singer Susan Boyle.

The Julian Smith Britain’s Got Talent audition was exceptional as he captivated the enthusiastic and cheering audience, with the poignant ‘Somewhere (There’s A Place For Us)’ and ended on a literal high note, sustained for an incredible length of time, demonstrating his mastery of the instrument.

Amanda Holden was is reduced to tears during the performance, and afterward while praising Julian Smith’s performance, calling it ’stunning, absolutely, stunning,’ expressed surprise over the tears. ‘To cry at a saxophone was not something I was not expecting,’ she said.Piers Morgan praised the saxophonist, for ‘the look, the soul, the emotion.’ He went on to say, ‘I think we’ve all been blown away by it.’

In assessing the Julian Smith Britain’s Got Talent audition, Simon Cowell told the saxophonist, ‘The whole idea about doing this show is to find something who needs a break and has a huge talent, and I believe we’ve found that with you. Certain people, they’ve just got it.’ He went on to praise his selection of music and to say ‘I think there could be something special about you.’

And with that, Britain’s Got Talent auditions continue, and ultimately, the winner will be awarded a cash prize of £100,000 and will have the honor of performomg for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance.Julian Smith is 39 years old. He is a music teacher. He is married and has two daughters.Prior to the Julian Smith Britain’s Got Talent audition, backstage he told co-hosts Ant and Dec, ‘Playing saxophone is my life, I’ve been playing this for 20 years and to just purely play it for a living would be the ultimate dream.’Echoing the sentiment onstage, he told Piers Morgan his dream was ‘to play to audiences as big as this on a regular basis.’


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