Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Topless Vegas Show!!

hot Lindsay Lohan Topless
A Lindsay Lohan topless Vegas show? Has it come to this? Read more about the story here.Yep, it looks like Lilo is in talks with Jerry Mitchell, the director of Las Vegas’ newest revue, Peepshow, to join the show in a few months. He told PEOPLE: “I think she would be great in the show. I would need to meet with her and dance a bit as I would with anyone who would love to be a part of Peepshow.”

Is her career so far down the tubes that she is actually considering to star in a Lindsay Lohan topless Vegas show?Lohan flew into Las Vegas Saturday to watch Melanie Brown and Kelly Monaco perform in the Peepshow act, and if Lohan does end up joining the show, she would reportedly take over Kelly Monaco’s place in several months, so that Monaco can return to her General Hospital gig. Monaco currently strips down to practically nothing, which is something Lohan would have to do as well.

Lohan had reportedly said, “If they make me an offer, and the money’s right, I’ll do it.”A source revealed:“People forget that she (Lohan) is a “triple threat” — she can act and sing and dance,” said the source. “She feels that this would really revitalize her career and give her some serious theater cred.”


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