Thursday, April 30, 2009

Private Practice Season Finale Spoilers

Private Practice Season Finale Spoilers

This Thursday at 10 pm/ET, ABC’s Private Practice returns with the penultimate episode of its second season. Will Addison act on her urges with the married Noah? As his wife endures a difficult pregnancy? Josh Hopkins shared a look at the torrid twists ahead. Plus: What does he not miss about his Swingtown days?

As the Grey’s spin-off sews up its second season, Addison’s professional and personal worlds collide at the worst possible moment, Violet chooses between Pete and Sheldon, a confession steers Sam and Naomi in a new direction, and an Oceanside faithful betrays their buds. It’s the finale’s final scene, though, that is sure to have the watercooler bubbling the next morning. Josh Hopkins, who plays Noah, tells us that when he first read the script for it, “I was like, ‘What?! Holy….’ I simply couldn’t believe it.” Source: TV Guide.

Oh sure, she’s as nice as she is beautiful and came armed with a seemingly-endless array of thoughtful answers and entertaining anecdotes for this TV Addict’s one-on-one interview. But just try and ask one teensy little question about the identity of Violet’s babydaddy or what fans can expect on tonight’s PRIVATE PRACTICE season finale and her portrayer, Amy Brenneman, suddenly gives you the silent treatment.


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