Friday, May 1, 2009

Bart Whitaker 'Sugar Land' Murderer On "20/20"

Thomas Bart Whitaker 'Sugar Land' Murderer On

Thomas "Bart" Whitaker, an intelligent, well-spoken young man from a devout Christian family, is on death row in Texas, awaiting execution for orchestrating a vicious assault on his entire family. He was convicted of the murders of his mother and brother and sentenced to death.

Throughout his trial for capital murder, Bart, 29, never denied that he had masterminded a plot to kill his family. "I wanted revenge for being alive, and I blamed [my parents] for that. I blamed them for who I was. Instead of blaming me," he told ABC News' Mary Fulginiti. "I recognize now how wrong I was on all of that. But at the time, I really believed in that. I held them completely at fault for the man that I had become."

In December 2003, when he was 23 years old, Bart hired his roommate to shoot parents Kent and Tricia Whitaker and younger brother Kevin when they returned home from dinner. Tricia and Kevin died during the attack, but Whitaker's father survived. The accomplice shot Bart Whitaker in the arm to make him appear to be a victim.After masterminding a plot to murder his entire family, 23-year-old Bart Whitaker left his upper-class suburb of Sugar Land, Texas, and escaped to Mexico in search of a new identity and a new family.


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