Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrity Apprentice 2009 Winner Is Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers,Celebrity Apprentice 2009 Winner

Joan Rivers won or hired on the reality show season finale of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Comedian Joan Rivers beat out Annie Duke on Sunday’s finale by planning a more successful charity fundraiser. Joan Rivers is an American comedian, actress, talk show host, and businesswoman. She is known for her brash manner and loud, raspy voice with a heavy metropolitan New York accent.

This was the second Celebrity Apprentice series. Last years Celebrity Apprentice winner, Piers Morgan, is probably best known in America to those who watched Susan Boyle's incredible performance on Britain's Got Talent as one of the judges. This year, Joan Riversand poker champ Annie Duke were the last of 16 celebrities who began the season vying for the title of "Celebrity Apprentice 2009."

In Celebrity Apprentice 2009, there certainly was no love lost between Annie Duke and the eventual winner, Joan Rivers. There was a lot of trash-talk between the two, and as many suspect these shows are partially scripted (at least), there has to be some doubt as to how much hatred is really there. But if it's as much as it seems, it's a lot.The finale centered around a fundraiser, and it's interesting that despite the fact that Joan Rivers only raised $150,830 and Annie Duke raised $465,725, Rivers was the 2009 Celebrity Apprentice Winner.


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