Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Danny Gokey Voted Off:It's Adam Lambert Vs. Kris Allen In American Idol Final

Danny Gokey and his late wife Sophia Gokey

Tonight's result show is the unofficial finale for American Idol. With 88 million votes cast yesterday, America sent home Danny Gokey which gave the way for Kris Allen to continue his quest on becoming the next American Idol.

A lot of people were shocked with Gokey's exit but I'm not one of them. I think some of the reasons why they voted off Danny is because of his screaming scene last week. A lot of Idol fans were disappointed when Allison Iraheta was sent home last week thats why most of them supported Kris instead of Gokey. Some of his fans were also turned off after all the bible thumping stories and the publicity of his dead wife.

We all know what will happen next week. It's been predicted that Adam Lambert will win the competition after the Micheal Jackson theme night. So we are all going to expect a screaming final song from him next Wednesday. It's all written in the Idol history book.What is not written is Danny going home and Kris dueling with Adam in the finals.


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