Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eminem Bruno Fight as Eminem Storms Out of MTV Movie Awards

Eminem Bruno Fight at MTV Movie Awards
Eminem and Bruno (Sasha Baron Cohen) got into a fight at the MTV Movie Awards and many are asking if the fight was real or staged.Bruno “teabagged” Eminem, and he didn’t appear to be amused at all, getting up and walking out with his crew.Zac Efron seemed startled and wasn’t quite sure what to do, and Ryan Seacrest twittered about it, saying, (sic) “If u saw the fight at mtv movie awards betwen eminem and “bruno” I am told it was real and em’s crew left the show.”Check out the video below.

It appears that it may have been a joke on Eminem that he wasn’t in on. In character as flamboyant fashion reporter "Bruno," Baron Cohen flew in above Sunday's award show audience on a wire _ and in a pair of feathery white wings and his rear end mostly exposed.But the comedian crashed into an overhead obstacle, and he was lowered into the audience _ right into Eminem's lap, his bare hindquarters in the rapper's face.Eminem seemed visibly upset at the mishap. Or was it a joke he was in on?The rapper stormed out with his entourage in tow _ and cameras rolling. In 2002, Sparks flew when the rapper was interviewed by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the MTV Video Music Awards.


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