Sunday, May 31, 2009

Halle Berry And Jamie Foxx Kissing VIDEO

hot Halle Berry And Jamie Foxx Kissing at Spike TV 2009 Awards

Halle Berry Kissed Jamie Foxx at Spike TV 2009 Awards while Halle Won Spike TV’s 2009 “Guys Choice” Awards at the Sony Studios on Saturday, May 30, Los Angeles. Well Jamie must have sensed the opportunity and he made the most of it.May be it was Jamie’s way of saying thanks to Halle and also he didn’t forget to squeeze her booty. I am sure thousands of men out there would have liked to be in his position. Hard Luck Guys…May be next time.Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx Makeout at the stage of the Spike TV’s “Guys Choice” Awards, last night. Halle Berry went on stage to receive the Decade of Hotness Award, and man, Foxx got lucky!

2009 Guys Choice Awards at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. Presenting the 42-year-old actress with her award was Jamie Foxx . He gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek and she payed back the favor in spades. The third annual event paid tribute to the things guys love most. The Brass Balls Award went to Clint Eastwood for his lifetime of legendary work as an actor and filmmaker. The Guitar God Award went to Eddie Van Halen .


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