Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss California Carrie Prejean’s More Semi Nude (Topless) Photos Surfaced

Miss California Carrie Prejean’s Nude ,Topless,naked Photos

Carrie Prejean posed topless in a professional photo shoot last year, and media web-site TMZ ended up attaining the proof that it all took place. In the photographs, the current Miss California is seen in some very revealing poses, apparently drawing into question (again) the statements that Carrie Prejean made about never having had nude or semi-nude photographs taken of her. It seems to be another slap in the face to the Miss California pageant organizers, as she seems to be flat out violating the contract that she signed when she decided to be a participant in the pageant.See Miss California Carrie Prejean’s Semi Nude (Topless) Photos Here.

The new topless photographs of Carrie Prejean could turn out to be even worse for her than the first set that was released, because these ones don't leave anything to the imagination. Instead she is just wearing some very "revealing" clothing, and not even attempting to cover herself up. The photographs are all professionally posed, meaning that Carrie Prejean knew exactly what she was doing when she posed for the pictures, and it is alleged that these photos were taken just last year. That would make her 20 years old in the photos, and contradict the statement she gave that she had never posed after the age of 17.

With more photographs like this coming out, it seems even more shocking that Carrie Prejean and her spokespeople are continuing to claim that she has never done and nude or semi-nude posing outside of a private family shoot that she choreographed. The story seems to keep changing as well, and will probably be edited again from the Prejean camp, as she is trying to keep her Miss California crown as long as she can. The Miss California pageant had a press conference on Monday to talk about what has transpired so far, but they also stated that they would not be making a decision themselves. That decision is officially up to Mr. Donald Trump, who now holds a lot of power over the pageant. He is expected to make his official announcement of where the pageant will be heading with Miss California on May 12th.


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