Friday, May 1, 2009

Monica Hansen Sues Plastic Surgeon Over Breast Implant Exposure

hot Monica Hansen,Miss Norway maxim pics
Maxim hottie Monica Hansen has fake breasts - and she doesn't want her plastic surgeon using photos of them to advertise on his website!Monica Hansen has filed a lawsuit against her plastic surgeon, Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein, because he posted photographs of her on his website to promote and advertise his work.

She’s known across the world as one of the most bangin’ bikini babes — but Monica Hansen is no Miss Universe. After unexpectedly being crowned Miss Norway in 1997 (she was entered into the competition by a friend as a joke) Hansen didn’t go on to compete in the now Donald Trump-owned pageant. Even though the Miss Universe Organization reportedly told her it was too late to drop out after she explained the situation, Hansen was struck down by a not-so-healthy gall bladder.

So while Hansen may consider the concept of catty queens pretty entertaining, she was far from amused when a plastic surgeon used her famous face and figure to promote breast implants on his website without her consent. The 6"1 stunner recently filed a lawsuit against Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein for splashing copyrighted snaps of her assets across his site, and according to Hansen the case is only now starting to heat up. But dodgy docs aren’t the only downfall of the modeling industry, it seems Miss Monica has had and continues to have run-ins with the murky men behind the lens.


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