Friday, May 8, 2009

Rihanna Leaked Nude Pictures Scandal!

Rihanna topless, Nude,naked In bathroom!

Nearly forty-eight hours after compromising nude photographs of Bad Boy starlet Cassie hit the net, shocking photos of "Disturbia" singer Rihanna have done the same !Rihanna is currently facing a nude photo scandal.Rhanna had some naked pictures that surfaced on the web on Friday May 8,where the singer is showing off all of her goodies.The naked photos were self-taken pictures in the mirror with the help of her Blackberry. In one photo Chris Brown can be seen wearing Rihanna’s panties on his head.See Rihanna leaked nude pictures here.

Earlier today nude pictures of Rihanna surfaced online and are currently making there rounds all over cyberspace. The 20 year-old R&B seductress is shown taking self nude pictures in what looks like her hotel bathroom. It’s been a rough year for Rihanna after the whole Chris Brown saga and now these pictures.It’s interesting how Rihanna’s pictures were leaked the same week as fellow R&B songstress Cassie’s were. Makes you wonder if it’s the same person(s) behind this.

The photos, released Friday afternoon, showcase Rihanna in a large bathroom in various shots including photographs of her breasts, lower abdomen and other risque areas. One photo in particular shows the star from knee up covering one breast with a pink towel, while the other breast, which is pierced with a ring, is show in the other.

Unlike some stars who have been believed to have leaked there photos for publicity, Rihanna's compromising bathroom photos come at an inopportune time due to her legal woes with R&B singer Chris Brown. The singer, who is currently facing felony assault charges, may very well have been the intended recipient of such photos which are not confirmed to a particular time period.

Just when Chris Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos went to court to request investigation paperwork in regards to Rihanna's leaked battered photo, these scandalous nude pics surface.The photos feature Rihanna in what seems to be a hotel room in...compromising positions. In the main photo, where you can see Rihanna's reflection in the mirror, it looks as if someone wrote "I love you Robyn. I miss you."


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