Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rod Stewart Performs on 'American Idol'

Rod Stewart Performs on 'American Idol'
"American Idol" trots out the eight male finalists, singing Rod Stewart's "Do You Think I'm Sexy," all dressed up in dark suits. I wonder if they'll strip down to their underwear, like Kara did -- or would that be undignified?Rod Stewart then shows up, of course. I don't remember anyone singing any of his songs this year, which is too bad . . . he's got some gems.

Unfortunately he's lost quite a lot vocally . . . man, it's painful listening to him sing "Maggie May." And then he dances . . . it's really bad, like suddenly we're at a senior citizen's home. He means well, but really, this image shouldn't be in our minds.Oddly, they put him out there alone, no "Idols" to join in and disguise the thinness of his voice, distract us from his wobbling back and forth on stage.

Meanwhile Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster are desperate to have a second child - but fear they have left it too late to conceive.The 'Maggie May' hitmaker, 64, and model Lancaster already have one son together, three-year-old Alastair.But their plans for another baby have suffered a setback - Lancaster, 38, has been trying to fall pregnant for more than a year without success.


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