Sunday, May 24, 2009

Susan Boyle Memory Youtube Video:Susan Boyle Semi Final Performance

Susan Boyle Britain’s Got Talent Semi Final Performance

Susan Boyle appeared on UK’s reality series called Britain’s Got Talent where she performed the hit song “Memory” from the musical Cats.You can watch the video after the jump.Here again is the YouTube video of Susan Boyle’s Memory that is leaving lasting memories for Boyle fans. Susan Boyle’s performance tonight earned her a semi final win to which she said winning the show would “prove that I am a worthwhile person.”

In the eyes, and ears of fans, Susan Boyle has already achieved that.During tonight’s delivery of the song from the Broadway musical Cats, Boyle said how important it is for her to win saying she want its “more than anything ever in my life.”How memorable has the video become? In just hours, there are over 100 versions of the video on youtube.Are the play views into the hundreds of thousands? Give it until late evening .Fans tonight are using the following words across youtube to describe the performance - good, perfect, and incredible.Simon Cowell gave her a standing ovation.


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