Thursday, June 18, 2009

Britney Spears Sets the Stage On Fire During Manchester Concert

hot Britney Spears Sets the Stage On Fire During Manchester Concert
hot,sexy Britney Spears Sets the Stage On Fire During Manchester Concert
She had driven 200 miles from London to get there. But when Britney Spears greeted the audience at her Manchester show last night it was clear she had absolutely no idea where she was.'What's up London?' she yelled to the stunned fans gathered at the MEN arena - the only gig outside the capital on her Circus tour.

Perhaps making a rare departure from her lip-syncing script was too much for her. Or maybe an earlier stop-off at McDonald's on the journey had left her feeling a little dozy.Whatever the reason for her confusion, concertgoers were less than impressed with the 27-year-old singer's slip -up.

'If she can't tell the difference between London and Manchester what hope has she got?' asked a mother who took her 14-year-old daughter to the show.Another was upset with Britney's decision to mime to recorded backing tracks during the tour, adding: 'People have paid to see her live, so she should sing live.'

Britney made a similar slip-up on stage in San Jose, California in April, when she shouted: 'What's up Sacramento?'Earlier, there was a warmer reception for the singer when she popped into a suburban London McDonald's to buy her lunch on her way to Manchester.Surrounded by bodyguards watching her every move, Britney darted into the branch at Neasden, north west London, where customers were amazed to see her. After picking up a late lunch, she jumped back into her waiting people carrier and continued on her way.

Her current stay in Britain must be doing Britney the world of good given her radiant appearance yesterday.The singer looked tanned, toned and happy as she left her London hotel for her journey north in a pair of pink hotpants.It appeared she was dressing for all weathers given the fact that she teamed her tiny shorts with a cosy polo-neck sweater.


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