Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chantelle Houghton,Paris Hilton Lookalike Sparkling Hot Bikini Photo Shoot

Chantelle Houghton Super Hot Bikini Photo Shoot
Chantelle Houghton Super Hot Bikini Photo Shoot
Until she found fame Chantelle Houghton scratched a living as a smalltime Paris Hilton lookalike. Now it seems she has returned to her roots in a new photoshoot.With her blonde hair, trim figure and tanned skin the Celebrity Big Brother winner looks a double for the slim American socialite in these shots.

And she's never looked better - after ditching her fake-looking long blonde extensions for her more natural length, and lost the deep mahogany glow she once sported.But despite the similarities it's not Paris which the 25-year-old is hoping to emulate - but older glamour model Katie Price.Chantelle has been snapped up by PR team Can Associates, the team which made Price into a multi-million pound business.

She plans to emulate Price's success - and forge a multi-million pound fortune.And it's not just her career that Chantelle is eyeing.With the break-down of Katie's marriage to Peter Andre, Chantelle has been outspoken in her criticism of the 31-year-old.'She [Price] treats Pete like s***. I think hats off to him for sticking with her for so long.

'I just don't know how he's done it. Peter seems like such a nice man. He's caring, thoughtful and he's a great dad.'I think Jordan is so going to realise what she has lost. She's just used to being Jordan. She tried to settle down but she couldn't - I think there's that thing inside that makes her slam those shots down her neck and get her boobs out.'


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