Friday, June 12, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo Spends Night With Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton cuddles up to Cristiano Ronaldo on a sofa in MyHouse in Hollywood
hot Paris Hilton cuddles up to Cristiano Ronaldo on a sofa in MyHouse in Hollywood

Paris Hilton must have made a good impression when she met Cristiano Ronaldo on Wednesday night, after the footballer spent a second night with the hotel heiress.Following their 5am rendezvous at her sister Nicky's Hollywood home, the Manchester United player graced the socialite with his presence for a second night running.The Portuguese winner was said to have visit Paris at a small gathering at her Beverly Hills hotel on Thursday night after the pair were photographed getting to know each other in the MyHouse nightclub a day earlier.

A neighbour at Paris' gated community said Ronaldo was seen arriving at her home just after midnight on Friday morning and spent an hour with her, according to The Sun.After reports claimed Paris had been in contact with her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt - who she dumped on Wednesday night - the socialite quickly denied them, claiming she went to bed at 2.30am alone.

When asked for comment on his ex-girlfriend's reported new romance, Doug said: 'He wishes Paris and all her future boyfriends the best of luck.'Meanwhile, the heiress has been telling friends the pair are an item after their rendezvous in the earlier hours of Thursday morning.She was busy texting furiously as she emerged in Hollywood while Ronaldo was seen showing phone messages to his cousins as he lounged around the pool at his Beverly Hills hotel, prompting speculation the two were contacting each other.

The 28-year-old announced the pair were an item to her inner circle, saying: 'He's hot, a real athlete - and the chemistry between us was electric.'Cristiano's much better than my ex. He was nothing but a low-paid minor league baseball player.'Just whether the Portuguese playboy, who has been celebrating news that he has been snapped up by Real Madrid for £80 million, is quite so keen remains to be seen.

As he relaxed by the pool of his Beverly Hills hotel, he entertained his friends who looked engrossed with his interesting tale - perhaps recounting his night with Paris.An onlooker at the hotel told The Sun: 'He was kicking back and entertaining his mates with his stories.The group were getting louder and louder and laughing more and more as the afternoon went on. He clearly had a story to tell his mates after the 24 hours he had just had.'Ronaldo, 24, who is single, certainly seemed interested as he 'hung out' with the newly-single hotel heiress and her younger sister Nicky at the MyHouse nightclub on Wednesday night.


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