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Jessica McBride & Edward Flynn Affair (Photos)

Jessica McBride & Edward Flynn Affair
Jessica McBride and Edward Flynn affair? This is the big story to hit the net today as Daniel Bice of the jsonline reportedly obtained letters and emails between the two, helping to expose the alleged affair.Jessica McBride is rumored to have had an affair with Police Chief Edward Flynn. Daniel Bice of the Journal Sentinel, reportedly obtained letters and e-mails that the couple had exchanged. One of which says…

“I honestly had myself almost convinced that we were going to talk about the police department at Brocach (Irish Pub and Restaurant on Water Street) that night! Now that sounds so naive. But something special happened between us that night; I will always cherish it. A complete meeting on all levels - mind, body, heart that I have never experienced. You completed me that night.”

The alleged affair apparently started early this year. Jessica McBride is a journalism lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a well-known figure in the community who regularly appears as a local talk show host, and a political blogger. She too worked at the Journal Sentinel from 1994-2004. She is married to former Waukesha County District Attorney, Paul Bucher.

Earlier this year, Jessica McBride wrote an article for Milwaukee Magazine, which portrayed Edward Flynn in a very flattering manner, entitled The Cop Who Can’t Stop. This was before the alleged affair came to light and members of the police force jokingly referred to it as a “love letter to the chief.” Daniel Bice explains how the affair came to light.

“I got an anonymous letter on June 1st. Since then, I’ve been trying to talk to the Chief, to Jessica, to her husband, (former Waukesha County District Attorney) Paul Bucher, the mayor, many people. It took a while before the police chief finally decided to issue a statement. He gave it to me yesterday, apologizing for the affair. It is not been an easy thing for someone to admit. He had to talk to his wife and his daughter.”

And on Thursday, Edward Flynn finally made a public statement. “I have done my wife and family a great wrong, and I profoundly regret the hurt I have inflicted on them and others affected by my conduct. I accept the personal and public consequences of my private behavior. I have damaged my public reputation and violated the trust and love of my family.”

It is unknown if Jessica McBride will be fired, but apparently Chief Flynn has the Mayor’s support and the affair will not have consequences on his tenure as Milwaukee police chief at this time. Jessica McBride’s blog is gaining popularity so be sure to check that out.


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