Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jody Arias & Travis Alexander Story On 48 Hours Tonight

Jody Arias & Travis Alexander
Jody Arias featured on 48 Hours tonight. The Travis Alexander Jodi Arias case is reexamined tonight, Alexander found dead June 9, 2008 in his home, five days after one single shot to the face and multiple stabs to the body.Arias quickly denied involvement but admitting to being in the home on June 4. She is now faces first degree murder charges in a case that won’t start until 2010.

But tonight, Arias remains in a Phoenix jail maintaining her innocence. She tells 48 Hours’ Maureen Maher in a broadcast this evening she believes she will prove her innocence:“I’ve been sitting a lot in my cell thinking what a waste. You know, I did have my whole future ahead of me, a career a marriage and a family. I had everything to lose and nothing to gain if I killed Travis.

“I go from one end of the spectrum to being very afraid and feeling very hopeless to another end to where a deep sense of peace comes over me and realize that no matter what happens, everything is gonna work out. And it’s gonna be OK.” Police arrested Jodi after Alexander body was found. According to police a nude picture of Arias on Alexander’s bed and Alexander bleeding heavily in the shower.


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