Monday, June 22, 2009

Jojo Simmons Arrest on MTV Show Run’s House

Jojo Simmons on MTV Show Run’s House
Jojo Simmons was arrested on May 8 for allegedly purchasing marijuana, and then fleeing law enforcement. Jojo’s troubles will be dealt with openly on the MTV show Run’s House in an hour-long special episode Monday, June 22.Rev. Run’s son Jojo was arrested in Manhattan in May for a drug violation, and for reckless endangerment when he attempted to flee police in his BMW. The family has a hit reality TV show called Run’s House, and on Monday’s episode Rev. Run and the family will address the arrest in public.

Not only is Jojo Simmons the son of Rev. Run from the infamous hip hop trio Run DMC, he is also the nephew of notorious entrepreneur Russell Simmons, which is more than enough to make him hip hop royalty. Jojo’s arrest came as a bit of a surprise, because as viewers of the show know, Rev. Run (Joseph Simmons) is an amazing father, who sets a fabulous example for his children.

The topic of Jojo’s arrest for marijuana is a tough subject for Run to deal with. Before becoming a man of God, Rev. Run wasn’t exactly an alter boy. He admits to smoking pot during his days as a superstar in the 80s. Jojo’s uncle Russell Simmons even called the former Rev. Run a “chimney.”

We’ll have to tune in to see how Jojo and family handle this topic, especially because he has two younger brothers who look up to him. Jojo Simmons also has two older sisters, Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons, who have already came out in his defense.The special airs Monday June 22, and I don’t doubt this family will handle things with the utmost class, and turn this into a real lesson for its many young viewers to learn from. Check it out on MTV tomorrow night.


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