Monday, June 22, 2009

Katie Price Goes Shopping In Spiderweb Poncho Bikini

Katie Price Goes Shopping In hot,sexy Bikini
Katie Price Goes Shopping In hot Bikini
Already it's hard to imagine they once lived under the same roof as man and wife.Since her split from Peter Andre - mere weeks ago - Katie Price has morphed back into her alter ego Jordan.The glamour model pulled on a pink spider web poncho over her bikini for a shopping trip yesterday, as her children spent Father's Day at the beach with their doting father.

She needn't have bothered with her cover-up, which was hardly suitable for a day out. The loosely crocheted shawl hid nothing from view, as attention-seeking Katie probably intended.Next to the glamour model her friends looked almost out-of-place in their ordinary t-shirts and denim.

Katie has embraced her return to the party scene during her working trip to Ibiza.Yesterday's trip came after a raucous night on in which Katie looked like a sleazy version of Xena: Warrior Princess as she hit Ibiza's raucous BoHo nightclub, clad in a gold lamé body suit and braided head band.With heavy eye-make up and bronzed limbs, Katie was flanked by male models - including her super-butch new-best-friend, 28-year-old Anthony Lowther.


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