Sunday, June 7, 2009

Katie Price Stressed Over Split with Peter Andre

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Katie Price is so stressed from her split with Peter Andre she is unable to sleep, not eating properly and has hit the bottle.The 31-year-old is in 'complete meltdown' and has even accused her estranged husband of trying to ruin her career.'Katie's hit rock bottom,' a source told the News of the World.'She doesn't know what to do with herself.

'Her behaviour is all over the place. She's been sobbing, trying to call Peter and attacking anyone she can.'Her friends are worried she's drinking too much,' the source added. While the strain of the split with Andre is clearly taken a toll on Katie, aka Jordan, she is also said to be determined to regain her popularity which has plummeted in the past month and kick-start her career.

'She's going to come back from this,' the source said.'I've never seen her so determined. She likes a fight and wants to beat him.'Estimated to be worth £40m, the model has been rocked by suggestions Peter and his management team are plotting to destroy her reputation.'Katie's gone into complete meltdown this week,' said one friend.

'All of sudden this became a reality.'She's become convinced Peter is out to destroy her and take away the reputation she's worked so hard to build up.'This week she also lashed out at her estranged husband and a former mutual pal whom she is convinced is now working against her. 'Jordan had a massive drunken slanging match with a close friend last Sunday who has taken Peter's side in this,' said a source.


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