Monday, June 8, 2009

Kelly Brook Sizzles In Red Hot Bikini For New Movie Piranha 3-D

Kelly Brook Sizzles In Red Hot Bikini For New Movie Piranha 3-D
Kelly Brook Sizzles In Red Hot Bikini For New Movie Piranha 3-D
She was famously sacked from Britain's Got Talent and now it seems Kelly Brook's career has sunk to even lower depths.The actress was cavorting with Riley Steele, a familiar name to fans of adult movies, in scenes for the new film Piranha 3-D, in which they both star.Clad in nothing but a shiny red bikini and black heels, Kelly then tossed her hair as she danced around the deck of the boat.

Her new friend's unsavoury career doesn't seem to have put off 29-year-old Kelly.The blonde actress, who appeared in Naked Aces 5, revealed that Kelly had shown a strong interest in her background.Riley said: ‘She’s like “I have so many questions for you”. She wants to know all about my porn career.’Steele plays a stripper named Crystal, who meets a bloody end.

She said: ‘It will be a very realistic death. A piranha comes out of my mouth.’The two are joined by Elisabeth Shue and Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss in the film, which sees all hell break loose after a tremor releases thousands of prehistoric razor-toothed fish into sleepy Lake Victoria.

Kelly's latest film role comes after a string of disappointing movie flops for the burgeoning actress.Since quitting her presenting role on the Big Breakfast in 1997, Kelly has been trying to establish her acting career.In 2003, she had a brief role as Seth Green's girlfriend in The Italian Job, which starred her then-boyfriend Jason Statham.


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