Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shiloh Pepin Is Mermaid Girl!!

Shiloh Pepin, the Mermaid Girl!!
Shiloh Pepin is a mermaid girl but is one which I will consider special and not different! She is a living mermaid and is a source of inspiration about life. Why a mermaid? Well because even though it is a disease called the mermaid syndrome, she is a fighter and she is special in the way that she accepts the way she is.

Shiloh Pepin is a girl with Mermaid Syndrome or sirenomelia. Shiloh Pepin is one only three people in the world surviving with sirenomelia.Sirenomelia is when your lower body doesn’t develop correctly as a fetus resulting in the two limbs attached. Most fail to survive hours after birth. But Shiloh is doing great, after a kidney transplant in 2007.

The syndrome is a congenital deformity where your legs grow together appearing like a tail of a mermaid. The condition only occurs in one of every 100,000 births, with persons passing within 48 hours of birth.Shiloh the mermaid girl was born in Kennebunkport, Maine on August 1999. She was born with a missing bladder, uterus, colon and vagina, and with only one kidney and one ovary! Normally this occurs when there is a malformation of twins which did not really suceeded to became twins.


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