Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gisele Bundchen Strips For Hot London Fog Photo Shoot

Gisele Bundchen Strips For Hot London Fog Photo Shoot
Gisele Bundchen Strips For Hot London Fog Photo Shoot
It is meant to magic away unsightly blemishes, spots, lines and shadows. But now it seems the airbrush has found another unacceptable imperfection - the first blossoming signs of pregnancy.Gisele Bundchen's gently rounded stomach has been airbrushed out of sight in her first ad campaign since her pregnancy was reported.

Wrapped in a trench coat and nothing else, the 29-year-old Brazilian model, who is expecting her first child next year, showed off a perfectly flat stomach in the photographs for the London Fog coat company.Rather than celebrate her changing shape, the airbrushing brigade treated the first subtle signs of impending motherhood like an unsightly wobble - and erased every curve in the final photographs.

Bizarrely, London Fog claims the airbrushing was simply protecting Miss Bundchen's privacy at 'this wonderful and personal time'. But considering the revealing nature of the campaign photographs, privacy doesn't seem to be at the top of her priority list.

The mother-to-be is hardly at the fully rounded stage yet. But perhaps even the tiniest hint of a baby on the way was too much for the firm's bosses.In a rather mixed message, London Fog admitted retouching the photographs from the shoot but insisted Miss Bundchen's baby bump was sexy.


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