Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson Back Together

Hot Jessica Simpson
Now that Nick Lachy split with longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnilo and Jessica Simpson has split with football player Tony Romo, does that mean we could see Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson back together again?Don’t hold your breath. Just because both Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are newly single doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good idea for them to take another stab at a relationship.

And a family source says, “It won’t happen. They have no respect for him. Jessica has no respect for him. There is way too much bad blood between Nick and Joe for Jessica to even think about it.”But things with Romo weren’t easy. According to another source close to the Simpsons, “He wanted this perfect mold of the perfect football girlfriend. People don’t realize that Jessica has been worn down by Hollywood. She has insecurities and inner demons that she struggles with. She’s not some upbeat blond cheerleader that people want her to be. She’s gone through heartache before. She wants someone who is on the same page that she is. If she has to move on for that, she will.”

So while all you Newlyweds fans out there would love to see Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson back together, the odds of that happening are highly unlikely.


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