Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sahel Kazemi DUI Video

Sahel Kazemi & Steve McNair
The DUI arrest video of Sahel Kazemi, the young woman who murdered Steve McNair, has now been released. Check out the DUI video here, and see photos of Sahel Kazemi as well.The story seems to just get worse. Reports came out today that Sahel Kazemi had really been at a low point in her life, and even seemed a bit delusional about her relationship with McNair. Now the DUI video of her arrest has hit the net, showing Kazemi looking a bit disoriented while being tested by the arresting officer.

Sahel Kazemi was pulled over two nights before the murder in the Escalade that McNair supposedly bought her.The officer reportedly smelled alchohol, but Kazemi told him that she was just high. She refused to take a BAC test, and was subsequently arrested.

In the video you can see her attempting to follow the officer’s directions, and even wobbling a little while standing on one foot. The video then cuts to a shot of her in the back of the cop car. From there you can see the glazed look in her eyes, which seems to be a sure sign of being intoxicated.


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