Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stephanie Quinn-West is Banned Sprite Ad Actress

Sprite Spec Ad Girl hot Stephanie Quinn-West
Meet Stephanie Quinn-West, the hottie made infamous by the Sprite spec ad that made the rounds online last week. Read the rest of the story below and check out a biography of Stephanie Quinn-West as well as photos and video of the cutie.

Sprite has certainly gotten a lot of free publicity from the fake Sprite spec ad that’s made waves online in the past week or so. Whether it’s welcome publicity remains to be seen. For those of you living under a rock and unaware of this story, first it was rumored that this was a real ad shot for Sprite Germany, which was banned due to inappropriate content. Then director Max Issacson came forward and clearly stated the ad was merely a spec ad and was unaffiliated with Sprite and the Coca Cola company. Starring in the now infamous commercial was John Jones IV and Stephanie Quinn-West, and both say people need to lighten up about the ad, as it was all meant in good fun.

23 year old Stephanie Quinn-West was born on December 9th, 1985 and is from Cambridge, Ma. Her mom is a native of Cambridge, and works for Cambridge Public Schools. She has a 26 year old sister and a 12 year old brother.

Currently a waitress at Harvard Square, she is attending Salem State College. She has studied numerous things while in school. She started off as a nursing major, then switched to English, then to Communications with a minor in foreign languages. Stephanie Quinn-West is fluent in Spanish, which she learned along with English through the Cambridge Public School system’s Amigos program. She is taking time off school right now, but only has a year to go before she earns her degree.

She is currently undecided on what she wants to do post-graduation. She would like to find a job where she can utilize her language skills, and says she would like a career either helping people or working with animals. Stephanie is currently toying with the idea of going into social work.

The infamous Sprite spec ad was her first acting gig, but says she would love to pursue acting or modeling if the opportunity presented itself. She says she volunteered for the Sprite job after meeting up with director Max Issacson and friends for drinks while in New York City for a Kings of Leon concert. Stephanie’s mom thinks the Sprite commercial is hilarious and has been proud to show it off to her friends, and Stephanie’s older sister is excited she has made several big-name celebrity blogs. Her little brother, for obvious reasons, has not seen the ad yet.

While Stephanie Quinn-West seems pretty open about most of her life, she is tight-lipped about the possibility of a significant other. When asked if there was someone special in her life, she simply responded with “maybe.” Check out Stephanie Quinn-West Banned Sprite Ad video here.


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