Friday, August 7, 2009

Heidi Montag Hot Playboy Photos

Heidi Montag Hot Playboy Photos
Heidi Montag Hot Playboy Photos
Heidi Montag’s Playboy issue will hit newsstands soon and we have a sneak peek at some of her pictures here along with video!Heidi Montag posed for Playboy and the Hills princess has posted a picture of herself holding the cover.

You can check out the picture here, but it looks like Heidi stood true to her word and didn’t pose nude. She graces the cover in a white bikini, all covered in mud of course. And I’m not saying she doesn’t rock a bikini, but we have seen tons of photos of Heidi in a bikini.

Though Heidi says she will be featured on two Playboy covers, there is no real nudity. So for all of you hoping to see Heidi Montag nude, think again. You will just have to get by with those bikini pics! Or her Stuff magazine, or Maxim photos.

A source says, “There is nudity. It’s tasteful – she had a lot of fun with it.” And her husband, Spencer Pratt definitely approves. Duh! He probably set it all up!Heidi is featured in the September issue of Playboy and it hits newsstands here. What are your thoughts on the cover? We will have the rest of the pictures as soon as they hit the net!


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