Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maria Belen Chapur:Mark Sanford's Mistress (Photos & Video)

Maria Belen Chapur,Mark Sanford's Mistress
María Belén Chapur has been identified as Mark Sanford's alleged mistress. Some outlets ID her as Maria Belen Shapur with an "S." Politico links to an Argentinian outlet that identifies the mother-of-two.The media has been camped out by her apartment building near the Buenos Aires zoo. Maria Belen Chapur is 43 and has the two sons from a previous marriage.

Maria is described by a neighbor as a beautiful brunette who plays tennis, goes jogging, and has large eyes. It was previously, erroneously reported that she worked for an agriculture company.In a candid interview with Vogue.com, talking with Rebecca Johnson, Jenny Sanford has this to say about her husband's affair with Maria Belen Chapur:

“'Over the course of both pastoral and marriage counseling, it became clear to me that he was just obsessed with going to see this woman. I have learned that these affairs are almost like an addiction to alcohol or pornography. They just can’t break away from them.'”Jenny Sanford reiterates her committment to forgiveness. And within the article she talks about feeling sorry for Maria Belen Chapur. It is sad for both women. It is sad for their children.


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