Thursday, September 17, 2009

Susan Boyle America’s Got Talent ‘Wild Horses’ (Video)

Susan Boyle America’s Got Talent ‘Wild Horses’
Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle sang her new single, Wild Horses, on America’s Got Talent season finale on September 16, 2009.After months of speculation we now have witnessed the highly anticipated appearance of the singer who found global fame astonishingly quickly through the viral video of her Britain’s Got Talent audition. Now fast forward not so many months later, and Susan Boyle (picture above) is taking to the stage of the American version of the program which made her so famous, delivering her stirring rendition of the Rolling Stones’ ballad, Wild Horses as seen in the video below.

It is the lead single of her highly anticipated debut album which takes its name from the audition song which made her so famous, I Dreamed a Dream.The album is being released by Sony BMG on Simon Cowell’s SyCo label. Already it ranks at No. 1 in pre-sales at, ahead of the Beatles and Whitney Houston’s comeback album.

She takes to the stage after a few days in America, where she was greeted by hundreds of fans at LAX airport, and later fulfilled a childhood dream in going to Disneyland.

But notably, the biggest dream of all, fulfilled in becoming the professional singer which she had long aspired. As have previous performances from the once unknown singer from Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland, the Susan Boyle America’s Got Talent performance showed her at her finest and was a high point of a long night of performances in anticipation of crowing the winner of the 2009 winner of the reality TV talent show who receives a million dollars and becomes a Las Vegas headliner.

Additional performers on the season finale of America’s Got Talent — which is hosted by Nick Cannon, with judges Piers Morgan (who also was a judge on Britain’s Got Talent) along with David David Hasselhoff and Sharon Osborne — included Leona Lewis, Shakira, and Rascal Flats.


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