Friday, October 16, 2009

Katie Price Flaunts Her Curves In Revealing Outfit

Katie Price Flaunts Her Curves In Revealing Outfit Katie Price Flaunts Her Curves In Revealing Outfit
With the upcoming publication of her style advice book, it seems Katie Price is putting a lot of thought into what she's wearing.How many women will choose to follow her example, however, is quite another matter.The heavily tanned glamour model came close to falling out of a black corset dress on her latest jaunt to London - and paired it with a skirt that appeared to be made from peacock feathers.

She plopped a huge bracelet on each arm, went for massive bling earrings and a ring and finished off the whole ensemble with a pair of blue suede shoes that didn't appear to match anything.Her alter ego Jordan made her name from the lack of clothes she wore, and as Katie Price her spectacular array of outfits have fallen into the category of in-your-face garishness.

However, in defiance of her critics, Katie Price is set to release her Standing Out guide next week, featuring an in-depth look at her changing wardrobe over the years.She offers tips on how to achieve the 'Jordan' look - platform stripper heels with ankle socks and Wonderbra a must - as well as choosing the perfect wedding dress, a make-up masterclass and plastic surgery advice.

Whatever your opinion it certainly makes for an entertaining read as the guide takes us through the the outlandish outfits which have been just as colourful as Katie's private life.So in celebration of the 'style icon' grab your sequined hotpants and fake tan as we take a look at her suggestions and compare them with some of her wardrobe selections down the years..


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