Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jessica Stroup Is 90210 Sexy Star

Jessica Stroup
Jessica Stroup is the sexy actress set to play Erin Silver, the little sister of the most famous hottie of the 90’s, Kelly Taylor.For those die hard 90210 fans who are going to give the new spin off a try based on your love of the show, you will appreciate them keeping old characters and bringing new, but familiar characters into play. Remember Kelly Taylor’s little sister Erin, the one who almost drowned in the tub? Well Jessica Stroup will play the all grown up version of Erin Silver, a character Jessica says is “an independent spirit and it is best if you don’t get on her bad side.” How sassy.

Jessica Stroup was born on October 23, 1986 in Charlotte North Carolina. She was bit by the acting bug quite early, and at the young age of 17 she moved to L.A. Immediately she began booking modeling jobs and landed some acting gigs.
Jessica Stroup landed a small role in the CBS TV movie Vampire Bats. She then had a minor role in the television movie Southern Comfort. Her first big screen movie was School for Scoundrels and later in the 2007 sequel film The Hills Have Eyes II. She has also worked with Heather Graham on the movie Broken, in which she and Heather share a lesbian kissing scene. That video is below for your enjoyment.


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