Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jimmy Page & Leona Lewis “Whole Lotta Love” (Video)

Leona Lewis

Guitar legend Jimmy Page played alongside Leona Lewis for the closing ceremony of the Olympic games today. Page and Lewis played an updated version of the Led Zeppelin classic “Whole Lotta Love.”The 2008 Beijing Olympics came to an end today and they couldn’t have lined up any better talent. The closing ceremony was oceans better than any Superbowl performance or anything we have seen in the past decade. Being that London will host the 2012 Olympics, the British closed down the house for this year’s ceremony. An iconic Routemaster bus circled the stadium, and out popped Jimmy Page, Leona Lewis, and David Beckham.

“Whole Lotta Love” was performed in the middle of an 8-minute segment, which signified the passing of the Olympic flag to the London Mayor Boris Johnson. The lyrics were modified because of concerns that they would cause offense. Leona Lewis requested a change to the song’s second verse, feeling that they did not make sense for a female singer.Also a part of the ending Olympic ceremony was the Royal Opera House, including Deborah Bull, street dance theatre group ZooNation, and CandoCo, and the National Youth Theatre sang the national anthem.


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