Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lohan-Federline Boxing Match?

Michael Lohan
Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael, has challenged Kevin FederlineKevin Federline to a boxing match. He did have a reason aside from shamelessly seeking the spotlight: charity. But the match-up begs the question of how much this charity will really earn, because who wants to see Michael Lohan and Kevin Federline box?Lohan has chosen the cancer charity Long Island’s Fight for Charity, based near his home, as the recipient of the funds raised by the Lohan-Federline boxing match. And Lindsay’s dad has already begun the training process, saying,

“Everyone wants me to fight K-fed because he’s a notorious celebrity dad and so am I. It’s for charity. It’s serious boxing. You have to go get a trainer. I have to register with the Mature Boxing Association. … I don’t care who it is; it’s for charity. I’ve been beaten up by the press, so I don’t care if I get a few shots by a kid half my age.”And he’s not stopping at his own match - he wants the girls to get in on the fun. Promoters are trying to schedule a fight between Michael’s girlfriend, Erin, and Debbie Gibson.In other Kevin Federline news, he was recently shot down by another Brittny. Although he kept checking out Brittny Gastineau at Coco de Ville, she apparently wasn’t interested.


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