Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Amber Sabathia is CC Sabathia Wife

Amber Sabathia is CC Sabathia Wife
Meet Amber Sabathia, the beautiful wife of now Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia.Amber Sabathia, wife of CC Sabathia, will be making a new home in New York, as CC is reportedly signing a deal with the New York Yankees. The offer is said to be a whopping $160 million over seven years.

On Tuesday, CC asked Yankees GM Brian Cashman to fly to San Francisco and meet for a third day in a row, but this time, this included Amber. It’s been known that CC wanted to pitch in California, where he grew up and where he makes his home. Amber herself had expressed interest in CC pitching for the Giants. Giants GM Brian Sabean said today:

“If we decide we’re going to get involved we will have a meeting and make our presentation,” Giants general manager Brian Sabean said. “But we’re not there yet. …We don’t have any expectations. He’s certainly playing the field. There’s no pressure on us to do something or to sign him. It’s a fallback position to look at because there’s player interest, and why wouldn’t we be interested if he is? It’s as simple as that.”

Amber and CC Sabathia were high school sweethearts and were married on June 9, 2003. Together they have three children, Carsten Charles Sabathia III was born on September 15, 2003, Jaeden Arie was born on September 20, 2005, and Amber was due in October with another child.


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