Sunday, January 4, 2009

Superstars Of Dance Premieres Tonight On NBC

Superstars Of Dance Premieres Tonight On NBC

Tonight is the night! Superstars of Dance begins on NBC at 9 PM ET and it is the newest reality TV series executively produced by none other than the So You Think You Can Dance creators Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller. Hosts Michael Flatley and Susie Castillo will introduce us to dance teams from eight countries in this two hour premiere episode. The dance genres that will be performed include the monks from Shaolin: Wheel of Life (China), Irish step dancers (Ireland), Tango dancers (Argentina), a pop/lock dancer (United States) and Bollywood dancers (India) to name a few.

The show is said to be equal parts sporting event, rock concert and artistic exhibition and Superstars of Dance is poised to become one the greatest spectacles of dance performance ever seen on television.Each country will feature two soloists, a duo and one large group which are represented by a coach and a judge to serve on the multinational panel. Below is a list of the countries that are competiting and who’s representing each team.


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